Relationship Question: A Yang to Her Yin

Question: Can you see anything in my chart indicating a relationship commitment? Trying to figure out whether it’s time to be all about me…or it really is time for ME to be in a relationship.

Answer: With Saturn and Mars in the sky right now in tension aspect to your natal Sun and Moon in you want to know if Mr. Super Sexy is the one. Here is a person recently come into your sights who seems to combine stability and reliability with fiery self assurance. What is not to love? But with transiting Neptune retrograde five degrees away from your Sun, you have recently come to distrust your instincts in the Man department. Are you over romanticizing this man, as your natal Mars/Neptune combo in challenge aspect to your Sun suggests that you do?Well, pinch yourself, darlin’ because this might be someone who isn’t too good to be true. He just might be the Yang to your Yin. This week and next week should bring lots of communication as Mercury trines your Sun and sextiles transiting Mars. Its an exciting time, but don’t lose your head. Pluto in the sky sits in harmonious aspect to transiting Mars and in friendly aspect (sextile) to your Sun. This relationship can be very powerful in your life, as it causes you to transform your ideas about relationships and how they should work. When you get his birth information, we can look at the prospects of a long term relationship.

Reflection, Projection and the Power of Relationships

Jeffrey Kishner at Seduction Central has been kind enough to print some of my posts on relationships focusing on how the Outer Planets manifest in our relationships. The concept is that the people in our lives and our relationships can be characterized by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This is a broad stroke approach to be sure, but it does nail down for many people why their relationships play out as they do.

However, one question that keeps coming back is “If I have so and so (whatever the post is about) in my own chart, does what you are saying apply to me a person? If I have, for instance, a strong Uranus in my chart, does that make it difficult for me to settle down into a relationship? How do you determine if you are going to act out that archetype yourself, or project it onto another person? 

That’s a really good question, one that psychologists have been jawing on for the last century or so.

Can astrology answer that question? Let’s take a look.

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