Answered by Astrology: To Blog or Not to Blog

Question: I’m thinking about starting a blog that deals with world religions and how their beliefs can help us deal with emotions. Would this be a good venture or would I just be spinning my wheels?

Answer: I used the technique called horary to take a look at your question. The techniques I used come from March and McEvers’ book “The Only Way to Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology” which are not traditional horary techniques. Traditional Horary, as practiced by Medieval astrologers follows strict rules about how to read a chart. Traditional Horary astrologers use only the seven traditional planets and follow a very different system of house rulerships than modern astrology. In March and McEvers’ horary techniques, modern house rulership rules apply.

The date and time I read and understood the question was June 17, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Middletown, CT. This is the information I used to cast the chart.

In horary information is derived by looking at the rulers of the houses representing elements of the question and the aspects they make to other planets in the chart. Your question is interesting as it falls to the astrologer in deciding which house represents blogs. The third house is about communications and the ninth house is publishing, so one of those would be the logical choice. Because blogs are often very short pieces of writing, electronically delivered, I reasoned that the third house best represents blogs.

I can see where you are very enthusiastic about the idea, and normally I wouldn’t discourage such a wonderful one, but it does seem like stars do not give a go ahead at this time. There is a stress aspect between the ruler of the ascendant, Jupiter to Mars AND a stress aspect from Mars to the ruler of the house representing the blog idea, Uranus. Inconjuncts say that something would have to change significantly before an yes answer can be given.

What would would this be?

The moon in the first, representing you, is in opposition to Venus and the Sun in the seventh. There seems to be some issue regarding your partner and finances that needs to be resolved. With Jupiter in the second, it looks like you think that this blog can make you some money, but again there is a stress aspect to the ninth house representing higher spiritual values that is indicating that something needs to change.

As you know, keeping a blog can be a time consuming activity, with little reward. I read that it can take up to two years for a blog to develop into a money making entity.

I say take care of the money issues and then you can revisit the idea of starting the blog once your life is a bit more stable.