Relationship Question: A Yang to Her Yin

Question: Can you see anything in my chart indicating a relationship commitment? Trying to figure out whether it’s time to be all about me…or it really is time for ME to be in a relationship.

Answer: With Saturn and Mars in the sky right now in tension aspect to your natal Sun and Moon in you want to know if Mr. Super Sexy is the one. Here is a person recently come into your sights who seems to combine stability and reliability with fiery self assurance. What is not to love? But with transiting Neptune retrograde five degrees away from your Sun, you have recently come to distrust your instincts in the Man department. Are you over romanticizing this man, as your natal Mars/Neptune combo in challenge aspect to your Sun suggests that you do?Well, pinch yourself, darlin’ because this might be someone who isn’t too good to be true. He just might be the Yang to your Yin. This week and next week should bring lots of communication as Mercury trines your Sun and sextiles transiting Mars. Its an exciting time, but don’t lose your head. Pluto in the sky sits in harmonious aspect to transiting Mars and in friendly aspect (sextile) to your Sun. This relationship can be very powerful in your life, as it causes you to transform your ideas about relationships and how they should work. When you get his birth information, we can look at the prospects of a long term relationship.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t know who this ‘new’ man is…and you are certainly right about distrusting my instincts in the man department. My heart, even after nearly four months, is still so missing my Gemini man (Melbourne Australia 2.30am 26/5/70). I’m finding it so hard to let go…even though I am generally happier in myself again, taken up dancing, getting into my yoga business more, generally enjoying life and friends, there is a huge hole where he was and even with a couple of men hovering around…my only interest is for him.

  2. Steff,

    It is hard for the body to let go off the addictive affects of relationships. Your heart aches, but your head knows the relationship was not good for you. Healing takes time, and time often blurs what was awful with what was good. You miss the good times you had.

    I find it helpful in these situations to create and keep on tag line in your head that you replay each time you have a yearning thought. For my first husband, it was something my sister said “And how many times did he make you cry?”

    Look forward, not back, unless of course, you want more of the same. When you do let go, you can move forward into a new relationship.

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