Answered by Astrology: To Blog or Not to Blog

Question: I’m thinking about starting a blog that deals with world religions and how their beliefs can help us deal with emotions. Would this be a good venture or would I just be spinning my wheels?

Answer: I used the technique called horary to take a look at your question. The techniques I used come from March and McEvers’ book “The Only Way to Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology” which are not traditional horary techniques. Traditional Horary, as practiced by Medieval astrologers follows strict rules about how to read a chart. Traditional Horary astrologers use only the seven traditional planets and follow a very different system of house rulerships than modern astrology. In March and McEvers’ horary techniques, modern house rulership rules apply.

The date and time I read and understood the question was June 17, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Middletown, CT. This is the information I used to cast the chart.

In horary information is derived by looking at the rulers of the houses representing elements of the question and the aspects they make to other planets in the chart. Your question is interesting as it falls to the astrologer in deciding which house represents blogs. The third house is about communications and the ninth house is publishing, so one of those would be the logical choice. Because blogs are often very short pieces of writing, electronically delivered, I reasoned that the third house best represents blogs.

I can see where you are very enthusiastic about the idea, and normally I wouldn’t discourage such a wonderful one, but it does seem like stars do not give a go ahead at this time. There is a stress aspect between the ruler of the ascendant, Jupiter to Mars AND a stress aspect from Mars to the ruler of the house representing the blog idea, Uranus. Inconjuncts say that something would have to change significantly before an yes answer can be given.

What would would this be?

The moon in the first, representing you, is in opposition to Venus and the Sun in the seventh. There seems to be some issue regarding your partner and finances that needs to be resolved. With Jupiter in the second, it looks like you think that this blog can make you some money, but again there is a stress aspect to the ninth house representing higher spiritual values that is indicating that something needs to change.

As you know, keeping a blog can be a time consuming activity, with little reward. I read that it can take up to two years for a blog to develop into a money making entity.

I say take care of the money issues and then you can revisit the idea of starting the blog once your life is a bit more stable.

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  1. I have to say that I completely agree. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the reading. I know astrology charts can take hours.

    Your right blogs can take years to profit and I really should be doing the blog to help people.

  2. Beth – it looks like this chart was calculated for Eastern Standard Time, not Daylight Time – was that intentional?

  3. Christine,

    Thanks for dropping by! The display reads EST true, but the astrology program,Star Sprite, an Io Series program by Time Cycles Research, ties directly to my computer clock, so the chart is erected is for Daylight Savings time.

    If you have a Mac, Time Cycles is the way to go. I love the Star Sprite program because it displays the current chart of the sky in real time. It is also very handy for rectification because it is so easy to move transits forward and backward through the chart.

    Thanks for pointing out the time zone display glitch. For all the years I’ve used the program I’ve never noticed. I’ll drop them a line and let them know.


  4. Hmm… I used to use Io Edition when I had a Mac in the 90s… I believe you may have to select daylight time in your preferences. I just ran the chart data above through the free chart pages at both and, and I’m getting a 28 Scorpio 40 ascendant.
    I do love the clear charts that Io software produces… maybe I should get a Mac again…!

  5. Christine,

    Then how would you interpret the chart your propose? I’m sure Catherine would appreciate a second opinion.


  6. I so need to learn this stuff myself but I get so lost

  7. Catherine,

    When we are first starting, yes, all the things to consider when reading a chart does seem overwhelming. Think of it like learning a language. The thing most people start with when learning a language is the vocabulary. Astrology’s vocabulary is the planets, the zodiac signs and the aspects.

    An excellent book that in my opinion should be the cornerstone of an aspiring astrologer’s education is the “The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest. I like this book because Steven is very adept at helping you connect the dots between rote learning and fluency.

    One step at a time Catherine. And none of us have the total lock down on all astrological techniques, so all of us, from amateurs to professionals are learning something new each day.

    Its what makes it so much fun.

  8. […] 27, 2008 Hooray, a cosmic challenge from Beth Turnage! She’s just answered a horary question for a client who wants to know if she should start a blog; but when I pointed out that Beth’s […]

  9. Hi, Beth, what a lovely idea. Here’s my blog post about it.
    Thanks for asking!

  10. I’ll have to see if that book is at our local library.
    Well I try to love my life that life is a journey and not a destination. So I’m always up for learning something new.

  11. Oh is this blog still running / active? – I really like Mcevers system – you get the feeling she has the button on correct yes / no every time for some reason. And feels Aquarian in a sense. – One thing I don’t get though…. she seems to allow significators to perfect any and all aspects during the course of a whole sign – and so (seems to be as far as I can see from her book) – that interference / frustration / prohibition issues aren’t factored in whatsoever?? – how can it be – there is definitely no mention of it – and in the examples i think they are just ignored – (if another planet is getting in the way sort of thing)

    Doesn’t seem to make sense how a chart – where for example – the matter could come to pass – but if a planet was opposing another – and thus denying the event etc. – if one was to apply Mcevers system – that aspect would be counted

    The only thing I can thing of – is that (and she mentions it in her book – you have to set out in your mind – what way you approach a question and stick to it..and so thus – if go with it in your mindset that interference / frustration issues wont factor in – with your chart and your way of doing horary. {sortof in a way like you would do a Tarot with a specific ‘spread’ in mind over another one. – And so thus with this ‘mind-meld’ of sorts with the cosmos you will get a chart – giving the right answer – where those issues don’t present any problem.

    But then the offshot of all this – that her way would only work on your charts – as opposed to others – say posted in a group – where the more typical approach would be linked in. There would be different answers. And also – one of the reasons – why I prefer Astrology over Tarot – I don’t know at least on some level – it feels a bit more grounded – sort of set in stone as were – with less of that sort-of thing – where the reader’s own ‘intention’ is part and parcel of things.
    And would this be cheating in a sense also – sort of a clever way of getting around all the complicated issues of frustration / interference etc.

    Hmmm anyway – just couldn’t help but put this comment in – as just recently had read her (Mcevers ) book – really loved it – but these questions came into mind for sure. Ok then – is all for now , great blog you have, blessed be. Would be interested in any thoughts/perspectives on that one. Penny for your thoughts on it, huh, ok cheers.

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