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Oh No!

Oh No!

Things were banging at Astrology Explored for July. I posted most days, got lots of page views and I was looking forward to the month’s wrap up so I could pat myself on the back. And what happened? The server inexplicably went dark! Nothing like blogging-interruptus to let a girl down! Last year a similar thing happened and it took two weeks for the problem to be resolved. It could be resolved tomorrow, it may not be resolved for weeks at a time. Until then, you will find all my latest posts here.

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Astrology’s Promise Of Marriage in Your Chart

married-coupleOne client told me that an “astrologer” had told him that he would never marry. Aside from the obvious, that knowledgeable astrologers refrain from making absolute judgments, this person was just plain wrong.

In the “Art of Predictive Astrology” Carol Rushman shows a little technique that helps to predict the number of marriages you can potentially have. She calls this the natal promise.

In a woman’s chart, count the major applying aspects to the Sun: the conjunction, square, opposition, trine and sextile.

For a man’s chart, count the major applying aspects to the Moon.

The planets to look at are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Rushman observes that Mercury and Venus may bring an opportunity for marriage but often these alliances don’t end up at the altar.

Rushman also observes that the planets in applying aspects are very descriptive of the relationship itself. For instance a relationship representative of Saturn can be very long lasting, but filled with frustrations and burdensome responsibilities. A Jupiter marriage may give a partner who is very good to you. A Uranian marriage may be unusual, with each of the partners go their own ways but coming together from time to time.

In the case of the gentleman above, he has four aspects to his solid Moon in Taurus, but with Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the sin the sign of Capricorn you can be sure he will marry later in life. Of course, just because you have an opportunity to marry, doesn’t mean you will. It is your choice, after all.

What planet in your chart describes a long lasting relationship?

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Lift Your Spirit at the New Age Fair

Writer’s note: The newspaper who prints my astrology column Shoreview sent me to cover this story, then cut it for “space”. Not wanting to waste anything, including an afternoon of research and writing, I’m sharing it with you.

Maia Lynd

Maia Lynd

Once a quarter, the Astrological Society of Connecticut gathers together vendors, astrologers, intuitive readers and body workers in a New Age Fair.

For many people just the phrase “New Age” conjures images of people who are “out there”, maybe a bit flaky, people they are not likely to know, at least not well. But the friendly people at the ASC New Age Fair will dispel this notion.

Among the picturesque 17th and 18th century houses of the historic district of Old Wethersfield is the Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, a late 19th century public school building renovated in 1985 to become the permanent home of the Wethersfield Historical Society.

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Astrology and Domestic Violence

The statistics are there, the warnings were there, there was even a dramatic demonstration of how dangerous the man was, but for 2nd Lieutenant Holley Wimunc, a nurse at Fayetteville, North Carolina’s Fort Bragg, there was not enough protection from the man that would ultimately murder her.

One in four women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Approximately 1,400 women die at the hands of their intimate partner each year in the United States. On July 9, 2008 Holley Wimunc became one of them.

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Astrological Analysis: A Psych Out of Shawn Spencer

James Roday as Shawn Spencer

James Roday as Shawn Spencer

Shaw Spencer hails from a family of cops, and was fully expected to carry the torch by his father, Henry, who meticulously schooled his son from a very young age in the finer points of detective work. But while Henry made him a detective, he can’t make Shawn be a detective.

It soon becomes clear that Shawn’s extraordinary powers of observation and deduction are still no match for his overdeveloped sense of fun, as he takes a string of random jobs strictly for enjoyment and entertains himself calling in tips to the police hotline for crimes he sees on television

In the series opener, after calling in one particularly accurate tip, he had to come up with a reason why he knew so much so he wouldn’t be considered a suspect in the crime. His solution, he pretends to be psychic, which apparently is more believable than “I notice things that trained police detectives, don’t.”

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Astrological Analysis: The Chirotic Cat

Old Style Siamese

Old Style Siamese


Cat Felix Sunrise Chart Tropical Koch Mar 15 1996 6:15:40

Because I only have the birth date, not the place or time, we’ll have to look at Felix from the perspective of the planets and their interrelationships.

Sun Essential Energy 25 Pisces 09
Moon Emotional Needs 01 Aquarius 43
Mercury Thinking Process 13 Pisces 29
Venus Value Systems 10 Taurus 18
Mars Survival Instincts 22 Pisces 49
Jupiter Spiritual Connection 13 Capricorn 57
Saturn Duties and Lessons 27 Pisces 10
Uranus Individuation Process 03 Aquarius 23
Neptune Spiritual Lessons 27 Capricorn 12
Pluto Transformation 03 Sagittarius 05
Chiron Pain for Growth Point 12 Libra 25 R

True North Node 17 Libra 18 R
Mean North Node 18 Libra 29 R

Because I only have the birth date, not the place or time, we’ll have to look at Felix from the perspective of the planets and their interrelationships.

Felix has two significant groupings of planets, called stelliums, one in the sign of individualistic Aquarius and the other in the dreamy sign of Pisces. Moon in Aquarius, Neptune and Uranus sits in one group: the Sun in Pisces sits with Mercury, Mars and Saturn in the other. In one sense, Felix is the uber cat, very aloof and independent, quite willing to chill in long naps in the sunlight of a nearby window. This is quite an equalitarian animal as well. Even though you don’t have four legs and tail, he is quite willing to accept you as his equal.

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A Clear Explanation of Astrology’s Symbols

This is a nice piece that should be very helpful to people wanting to understand some basics about astrology.