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Oh No!

Things were banging at Astrology Explored for July. I posted most days, got lots of page views and I was looking forward to the month’s wrap up so I could pat myself on the back. And what happened? The server inexplicably went dark! Nothing like blogging-interruptus to let a girl down! Last year a similar thing happened and it took two weeks for the problem to be resolved. It could be resolved tomorrow, it may not be resolved for weeks at a time. Until then, you will find all my latest posts here.

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Astrology’s Promise Of Marriage in Your Chart

married-coupleOne client told me that an “astrologer” had told him that he would never marry. Aside from the obvious, that knowledgeable astrologers refrain from making absolute judgments, this person was just plain wrong.

In the “Art of Predictive Astrology” Carol Rushman shows a little technique that helps to predict the number of marriages you can potentially have. She calls this the natal promise.

In a woman’s chart, count the major applying aspects to the Sun: the conjunction, square, opposition, trine and sextile.

For a man’s chart, count the major applying aspects to the Moon.

The planets to look at are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Rushman observes that Mercury and Venus may bring an opportunity for marriage but often these alliances don’t end up at the altar.

Rushman also observes that the planets in applying aspects are very descriptive of the relationship itself. For instance a relationship representative of Saturn can be very long lasting, but filled with frustrations and burdensome responsibilities. A Jupiter marriage may give a partner who is very good to you. A Uranian marriage may be unusual, with each of the partners go their own ways but coming together from time to time.

In the case of the gentleman above, he has four aspects to his solid Moon in Taurus, but with Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the sin the sign of Capricorn you can be sure he will marry later in life. Of course, just because you have an opportunity to marry, doesn’t mean you will. It is your choice, after all.

What planet in your chart describes a long lasting relationship?

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A Journey Inside Your True Self

Astrology Defines The Perfect Moment

No thing is known until it is experienced. That whole concept is the basis of scientific thought. In science, there is theory and then there is empirical study that proves or disproves the theory.

In our three dimensional world, we get to experience the passage of time. In other dimensions, this is not so. This is what makes our dimension unique and why is it such a valuable resource in the development of the soul.

Our birth charts are a snapshot a single moment, the time we are born. The positions of the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are forever fixed and expressed in ourselves. We are the grand definition and the total empirical study of a single moment in time.

Astrologers, in interpertation of a chart, look at all the planets, what signs those planets are in and what houses the planet in the sign sits. All the planets have specific roles to play in our charts.

When we ask, “what’s your sign”? we are asking the position of the Sun at the time of their birth. The Sun is the the CPU of the birthchart. Our essential essence, it is the final arbiter of what we do, say and think.

The moon talks about our emotiions and our security needs. Mercury talks about how we communicate and our thinking processes. Venus represents our value system, our money and how we make our money. Mars is our survival instincts, how we fight and how we make love. Saturn is our teacher of grand life lessons and how we learn those lessons. Jupiter, the higher octave of Venus, is our moral compass and how we apply it to our lives. Jupiter expands our concepts of our personal value in society. Uranus, the higher octave of Mars talks about how we individuate ourselves in society. Neptune explores our spiritual values and our connection to the Divine. Pluto transforms our ideas about ourselves. Seeing that we are such a stubborn species, Pluto has his work cut out for him and often he gives a kick in the gut to set us straight.
A good use of Astrology is that of a tool of self discovery. In the hands of a competent astrologer, nothing else can look inside our souls and our psyches the way astrology can.

For a thorough introduction to the signs and the planets I recommend The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest.