The Astrology of Aspects: The Dilemmas Known As Inconjuncts

Once considered a minor aspect, the energetic connection known as the inconjunct is now recognized as a powerful force in our charts. They are easy enough to find when they appear, in the next sign away, either side, to the point of opposition to another planet. An inconjunct is a stress aspect because, unlike the opposition or the square, it is difficult to focus on the issue at hand. We tend to swing wildly from one position to another when an inconjunct is active in our charts. This is why it is known as the “seesaw” aspect.

When you have an inconjunct between two natal planets, that is an area of life where you have difficulty finding a resolution point. It is a dilemma and a big one. In many ways it is uncharted territory and may indicate a spiritual lesson that has not been attempted in previous lifetimes.

An inconjunct to the natal Sun indicates an personality that hides behind a role or an image. There is an uncertain sense of self, a lack of sense of a place in the world. For this reason, an individual with an inconjunct to the Sun often feels unwanted or unloved.

An inconjunct to the natal Moon indicates an individual that goes to extremes emotionally. At times they are emotionally restrained, at other times emotionally exuberant. Because they are so uncertain about their own emotional center, they are afraid of being embarrassed, humiliated, or worse yet, betrayed.

An inconjunct to the natal Mercury manifests by taking criticism as as personal attack. They can be on one extreme self effacing and on other blunt and defiant. You need to tread lightly around these souls.

An inconjunct to the natal Venus individual has low self esteem. Self worth is measured by their possessions. Like a teenagers out of control, they display extremes of personal appearance, one day dressed to the nines, the other coming to work in their sweats. They lack a sense of proportion in their interactions with their love interests. All or nothing with Venus inconjunct, they’ll accuse you of hating them if you are less than enthusiastic about their latest antics.

People with an inconjunct to their natal Mars feel they have to prove their courage or strength and often feel they fall short of doing either. Easily provoked, they have difficulty controlling their anger, then are ashamed they lose it so quickly. Head strong, they don’t like to be told what to do.

Those with an inconjunct to Jupiter wants to impress people so much they find it difficult to say “no” to others. They either under rate or overate themselves or others. Because they fear of loss of personal freedom there will be wild swings in in what they give to others.

Inconjunct to natal Saturn natives take on far too much to prove their self worth, including other peoples burdens They demand respect and go to pieces when they don’t get it.

Inconjunct to natal Uranus folks are the original rebels without a clue. They think so far out of the box, they’ve lost the box. Though they can be extremely creative, they are threatened by people as talented as they are.

Inconjunct to natal Neptune people either make too many sacrifices to please other people, or don’t do enough to help others. They have little protection from constant psychic impressions surrounding them, leaving them shaky and unsure of themselves. They need constant reassurance and have a tendency to escape into their own fantasies when the world gets too harsh.

Inconjunct to natal Pluto natives have a burning need to control people, places and things. They want to know what you are thinking all the time and questions you excessively, They obsess over the issue represented by the other planet in the inconjunct, and can play nasty manipulative games because they see no other way to do things.

Does any of this describe you? Are you plagued by situations that no matter how hard you try are never resolved? The best way to work through an inconjunct is to make a plan to resolve your situation and follow it through, though like Orpheus we might not hear the footsteps of our beloved behind us. We must have faith and hope that the Divine promptings that say “you can do this” ultimately prove to be true.