Astrological Analysis: The Chirotic Cat

Old Style Siamese

Old Style Siamese


Cat Felix Sunrise Chart Tropical Koch Mar 15 1996 6:15:40

Because I only have the birth date, not the place or time, we’ll have to look at Felix from the perspective of the planets and their interrelationships.

Sun Essential Energy 25 Pisces 09
Moon Emotional Needs 01 Aquarius 43
Mercury Thinking Process 13 Pisces 29
Venus Value Systems 10 Taurus 18
Mars Survival Instincts 22 Pisces 49
Jupiter Spiritual Connection 13 Capricorn 57
Saturn Duties and Lessons 27 Pisces 10
Uranus Individuation Process 03 Aquarius 23
Neptune Spiritual Lessons 27 Capricorn 12
Pluto Transformation 03 Sagittarius 05
Chiron Pain for Growth Point 12 Libra 25 R

True North Node 17 Libra 18 R
Mean North Node 18 Libra 29 R

Because I only have the birth date, not the place or time, we’ll have to look at Felix from the perspective of the planets and their interrelationships.

Felix has two significant groupings of planets, called stelliums, one in the sign of individualistic Aquarius and the other in the dreamy sign of Pisces. Moon in Aquarius, Neptune and Uranus sits in one group: the Sun in Pisces sits with Mercury, Mars and Saturn in the other. In one sense, Felix is the uber cat, very aloof and independent, quite willing to chill in long naps in the sunlight of a nearby window. This is quite an equalitarian animal as well. Even though you don’t have four legs and tail, he is quite willing to accept you as his equal.

While Felix has an emotional need to be independent through his Aquarian moon, he is extremely aware and interconnected with his surroundings through the stellium of Pisces planets in his chart. Siamese as a breed are very vocal, and I can imagine him wandering through your shared living space meowing for apparently no reason at all. This is because he senses some psychic current that disturbs him. Unable to find a physical cause he usually ends up on or near his best buddy, you, to calm his nerves.

But what really drives your cat crazy is that he loves you. There is always something poignant about any creature with predominantly Pisces and Aquarian drives that realizes that he or she can’t quite manage life without the one person they love most by their side. What highlights this feeling is Chiron in Libra in stress aspect to the Pisces stellium and his Venus in Taurus. Chiron is the pain point for growth in our charts. Here is what I wrote about Chiron in Libra in a previous post:

Chiron seeks to find himself through others in the seventh house, and quite a search it is. Either he’ll run through lovers like chicklets, or give everything to an impossible love. Long relationships are best for Chiron in the seventh house but only as long as it is a relationship of equals.

But don’t stress over this. Felix’s life lesson is exactly to experience the type of relationship you have with him. Feed him, care for him, love him. That’s exactly what you are there for for this precious creature.

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  1. Felix is gorgeous!

    My main cat is a serious-minded Virgo, a no-nonsense kitty cat of the gray tiger stripe variety, and very hardwoking, too! ;p

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